Oiling the War Machinery

Norman Solomon makes a persuasive case for awarding Bradley Manning the Nobel peace prize in Oiling the War Machinery.

As a nation at peace becomes a fading memory, so does privacy. Commitments to idealism — seeking real alternatives to war and upholding democratic values — are under constant assault from the peaks of power. 
Normalizing endless war and shameless surveillance, Uncle Sam and Big Brother are no longer just close. They’re the same, with a vast global reach.

American “Democracy” is not broken. This is the way it is constructed.

The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Year

This is a special Armistice Day this year, though we call it Veterans Day today.

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh year of the Twenty-First Century, we celebrate the end of World War I ninety-three years ago.

What better way is there to support this celebration of the end of a war than with a renewed dedication to end the United States’ prosecution of war and conflict in the Middle East, Africa, Korea, and numerous “limited conflicts” throughout the world.

Let’s honor the soldiers who died in exotic places far from home by vowing that no more will so die. Let’s honor the soldiers who are killing and dying on this day by bringing them home for good, where they can be with family and friends and contribute meaningful, positive work in their home communities.

Instead of a day off from work and a shopping holiday, let’s make Veterans Day, once again,  a time of reflection and dedication to the cause of peace.

US Out of WAR, NOW!

Even with Obama in Charge, Anti-War Democrats Powerless

It’s not about Afghanistan or Iraq. It’s about war as an instrument of foreign policy.

The united States government has used the military as the strong arm of big business for over two hundred years, having learned the techniques well from our bloody British ancestors. Big Business walks softly about the planet, carrying the big sticks of the CIA, NSA, Pentagon and now a phalanx of pecuniary mercenaries, in the fight for the fun of it as much as the money, paving the way for Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Agriculture, their paths greased by American consumers ground under their wheels.

Torture, mutilation, genocide, and environmental destruction are the collateral damage of official uS policy. Too bad our fancy flying robot murderers kill more innocent children, grandparents, brides and grooms and party guests than targeted combatants. Fortunes of war. The “acceptable” (for us) price (for them) of spreading democracy. Let’s spread it thick!

Countries have life spans just like their citizens. It’s time for the united States to grow up. We have a new Democratic President and a Democratic Congress. If there ever was a time to steer this country from the path of it war, it is now.

Let’s make it so.

Interview With Rep. Dennis Kucinich

t r u t h o u t | Interview With Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Dennis Kucinich is the only member of Congress who has consistently told the truth, provided realistic alternatives to the present corporate oligarchy and has worked diligently at his job of representing the people of the united States in our republic.

For this he has been ignored, vilified and misrepresented in national corporate media.

Dennis Kucinich has long been the sole voice of sanity in a cacophonous insane asylum.