Stop US Government Murder in Afghanistan

It can’t be said more eloquently.

Chris Cooper’s plea for an end to the United States government’s officially sanctioned murder of innocent people (there is no distinction between civilians and military in Afghanistan) cannot be improved.
Read it and weep with me for the immoral actions of our government in our name.
Then take action.

Just in time for Christmas…

BBC News – Troops back armoured underwear dubbed 'combat codpiece'

From the “News Mirrors Fiction Department,” albeit camouflaged and packaged in an elegant retractable model, combat fashion revives the ancient and venerable cod piece.

After all, what good does it do to conquer new territories if our returning troops can’t father a new Baby Boom generation of consumers?

Rescind Obama’s Peace Prize

Obama Expands Military Involvement in Africa

The Nobel Peace Prize has been rendered meaningless with its presumptive award to US President Barak Obama, who has clearly demonstrated a dedication to the imperialist policies of his predecessor, George II.

The current regime continues to expand arms sales to African nations, ostensibly to stop Al Qa’ida expansion. However, one cannot expect the locals to use their new weapons only on the “enemies of my friends.” More guns and ammunition means more indiscriminate killing for purposes having nothing to do with US pretensions of empire.

The only way to stop war is to stop the obscene corporate profits in international arms sales to every local thug who’s embezzled a few million dollars from the neighbors. The United States government places private profit above any and all moral principles and standards of decency, and backs up its support of business interests with clandestine intervention and outright military incursion. The almighty dollar walks loudly across the earth, carrying the big stick of violence.

Rather than awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to anyone, withhold it indefinitely, until peace, at long last, prevails.

Just a heads up…

I’m not an alarmist. Most scare stories I take with a large grain of salt. I just want to record some observations here, just in case.

From October 15 through the 20th the United States military, in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security, will be conducting exercises in the US and on Guam, called Exercise Vigilant Shield 08 and Topoff 4. The scenario will involve the simulated (in computers) detonation by terrorists of a dirty bomb on Guam, in Portland, Oregon and Phoenix, Arizona, allegedly to test our capabilities to respond to multiple terrorist incidents across the US. These exercises will involve military, civilian security and police and “private interests” (read Blackwater and other security for hire companies).

In addition, military bases across the US will be engaged in a “lockdown” exercise during this time, requiring increased security to gain access to military bases, in at least some locations in the US.

We’ve read increasing attempts to explain away the presence of six armed and ready nuclear missiles transported across the US on the wings of a military plane. “Oops, sorry, we grabbed the wrong bombs.”

Pressure is increasing from Neocons to attack Iran to destroy nuclear production and research facilities, as well as their elite military units.

When the Arabs attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the US military was going through just such an exercise, resulting in military defense aircraft being removed from the New York City and Washington, DC areas. Military bases were locked down since September 5, 2001. Some say this was a false flag operation, used as an excuse to go to war with Iraq. Who knows?

It will be interesting to see where the world is on October 20th, 2007. All in all, it might be wise to lay low and keep a sharp eye out come mid-October. Stock up on Deaf Smith County peanut butter, gold coins, your favorite malted beverages and anything that might seem handy for true homeland defense.

I’m not afraid you understand, just interested.

You never know.