Protecting “National Interests”?

We hear much about United States military intervention in the Middle East in mainstream media and just about everywhere else. But what about the rest of the world? Where do we learn about US military adventurism in Africa?

Nick Turse provides a glimpse into a new meaning of “Darkest Africa:”

DoD works closely with the Intel Community, Inter-Agency, and the [National Security Council] to continuously monitor threats to U.S. interests; and when required, identifies, tracks, and presents options to mitigate threats to U.S. persons overseas.”

Source: In Mali and Rest of Africa, the U.S. Military Fights a Hidden War

In 1984, George Orwell described a society that was constantly told they were in perpetual war with other nations. The names of their enemies changed from year to year, but the propaganda and control of information was constant and totalitarian.

“The enemy of the moment always represented absolute evil, and it followed that any past or future agreement with him was impossible.” George Orwell, 1984

Despite the popular theme of “Big Brother is Watching You!” 1984 was not just about a surveillance state. It was about control of information as the key to controlling thought and controlling the people.

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell, 1984

Thought control need not be as blatant as the Ministry of Truth, the memory hole or revisions of history. It could the result of rapidly changing technology, increased personal distractions, popular media self-censorship subliminal propaganda, aka advertising.

In this case, covert actions by the United States are carried on under the cover of overt actions by the United States. When the public becomes aware of military and security estate interventions in other countries, the focus of covert activity has already shifted elsewhere.

What do we do when our government foists “regime change” on other countries without our knowledge and consent, or the consent of the vicitms? Whose interests are being served when the United States military complex is protecting our “national interests”?

Who benefits and who pays?

Reality creeps in on little cats feet

What collapsing empire looks like – Glenn Greenwald –

This is a good article on the continuing decline of the US economy and culture, as a result of unbridled US imperialism.

When the ship of state is on the rocks, leaking money at trillions of dollars a year, someone gets left out. And it won’t be the economic and power elite.

Predicting and capitalizing on earthquakes

According to this article: Purdue researchers studied Haitian fault; warned of potential for a large earthquake the fault that resulted in the Haiti earthquake was a known concern among earthquake scientists.

Those in the know were especially concerned due to Haiti’s extreme poverty, leading to buildings not built to modern earthquake standards, plus tens of thousands living in slums on the outskirts of the city. This level of poverty didn’t happen by itself. Haiti has been exploited by colonial imperialism since 1804, chiefly by the United States that has used Haiti as an unfettered source for cheap labor and raw materials.

As if that wasn’t enough, now the Heritage Foundation releases this bit of screaming “Shock Doctrine,” saying now is the time for the United States to take over militarily and reshape the devastated government and people in our (read, their) image.

Not only will we kick them while they’re down, we’ll take away their culture and government, to boot.

Our Nobel Peace Prize Winning War President

As we learn in of Cruise Missile Attacks in Yemen launched by our Nobel Peace Prize winning President, we enter the topsy world of NEWSSPEAK.

WAR IS PEACE. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. Imperialism is democracy.

Forty-nine civilians were killed in air strikes in Yemen, unsuspecting people going about their quiet lives, unaware of the cross hairs painted on their grandparents, husbands, wives and children by technology beyond their ken.

Oh, you didn’t read about this in your local newspaper, your state publication of record, the New York Times? Odd, that. One would think such glorious victories would be plastered in garish headlines across the nation.

But then, these would have to be actions about which we are proud, not cowardly acts to be hidden away in secret documents moldering in dark archives, stamped Top Secret. Fortunately freedom of the press still exists in other countries outside the borders of the United States Empire.

Myths die hard in the human imagination, and the myth of American benevolence dies hardest of all. The united States of America have become a mockery of the avowed ideals of their founders. Substituting an imperialist corporate oligarchy for even nominal rule by their people, the United States of America now stands as the world’s foremost oppressor, striking at will, anywhere in the world, killing innocents with abandon and forethought, each attack followed by a barrage of lies. Where once we brought food and shelter to hands reaching out for aid, now we bring death and destruction.

One would hope that Nobel Prizes can be rescinded, with prejudice.

Smoke and Mirrors

Disregard, for the moment, the reality of climate change science. Yes, climate on this dynamic planet is changing, has always changed and will always change until it is consumed in the fires of an expanding sun, the ultimate global warming.

Meanwhile, hysteria over perceived man-made global warming is being used to mask the very real causes of global air and water pollution, global soil reduction, global fresh water depletion, global habitat loss and global species extinction.

The destructive effects of man’s industrial activities are not restricted to Greenhouse Gases. They include billions of tons of toxic materials, the byproducts of our wasteful, industrialized consumer society, that are cast off into the local and global environment. They include the commandeering of the public commons for private profit, the paving and development of natural lands, incessant gobbling-up of critical habitat that supports the biodiversity of all life on earth.

The media-magnified events in Copenhagen have succeeded in diverting attention from business as usual on this poor, beleaguered planet, concentrating the world’s attention on “undeveloped” countries (largely over-exploited ex-colonies of larger imperialist nations), who are encouraged to use the excuse of global warming oppression to support “environmentally responsible” development.

Note carefully that last word, “development.”

Military and economic imperialism petered out in the failed wars of Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq. It has become clear that international adventurism is no longer to be tolerated in a world of 6 billion people, a large chunk of whom are paying more attention to world events through the Internet, bypassing the traditional stenographers of power in the world’s corporate press.

A new “enemy” must be identified against which the world can mobilize.

That enemy is climate change.

The fight against climate change opens up a new world of industrial and economic expansion. Think of the possibilities: miles and miles of solar panels, wind farms stretching to the horizon, highways chucky-jammed full of sleek electric cars, networks of battery charging stations, the Arctic opened up to oil and mineral exploration. It’s enough to make a corporate CEO’s heart go pitter-pat.

But wait a minute. Where do all the rare minerals and metals come from to build this wondrous new future? Where does the energy come from to build the new energy infrastructure? How does all this technology get transported from source to site? And who controls access to the raw materials and who profits from its mining, distribution, manufacture and use. Those people in small, colonized countries suffering from “global warming?”

What happened to conservation, recycling, reuse, doing without? What happened to self-responsibility, self-reliance, mutual aid?

Seeing our way to a truly sustainable human future means clearing away the smoke of media obfuscation and shading our eyes from the reflected glare of technological promise.

When one is standing on the precipice, with toes hanging over the edge, progress consists of turning around and taking a step forward.

The immorality of the state

I’ve been listening to the broadcasts of the “Winter Soldier” hearings, on Democracy Now from Pacifica Radio. It’s absolutely gut-wrenching stuff. I remember driving across the country, listening to the first Winter Soldier, broadcast live on Pacifica stations. I switched from one to the next and sped through the zones where I couldn’t hear it, as much as one can speed in a 1964 Volkswagen bus.

I think of the immorality of sending young men to a desert thousands of miles away from their homes, where they are encouraged, nay, ordered, to commit the most horrendous atrocities against innocent human beings.

If they just killed people, it would be bad enough. These young men… yes, and some women… are taught to denigrate other humans, to consider them as less than human, to hate them and to take pleasure in hurting, maiming, torturing and cruelly killing them in unspeakable ways.

It’s not their fault. Yes, they participated willingly, if any impressionable youth propagandized into joining the military can be said to have done anything willingly. They were thrust not of heir own volition into an alien landscape where people were trying to kill them, with reason, of course. Steeped in a culture of violence and exhorted by their leaders to acts of horrible violence, it’s no wonder that they shoot, stab, blow up and bomb their helpless victims, then live with their acts the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile, the perpetrators of these international crimes rest at their ease in obscene comfort and safety thousands of miles away, watching the scene on CNN and Fox Network, smoking their Cuban cigars and sipping on a fine single-malt whiskey. They don’t see the blood on their hands, nor do they take credit for the lives of thousands of young men and women permanently scarred and distorted.

If there were any justice in the world Dick Cheney, Joe Lieberman and John McCain would be stripped naked and staked out on a street in Baghdad for the locals to have their way with them. It wouldn’t make any difference in the long run, but some folks would sleep better at night.

In the broader view, it is not just cruel, amoral people such as Bush, Cheney and all the others who create such carnage. On their own, they would only be petty tyrants, neighborhood thugs, confidence tricksters and carnival hucksters, easily dealt with by an armed and aroused vigilante society.

Given access to the reins of the state, however, their immorality takes on global proportions, where they can ratchet up their murder, rape and pillage to epic proportions, relegating Genghis Kahn, Ivan the Terrible and the Celtic hordes to mere amateur status, neighborhood bullies, local ruffians. Adolph Hitler had nothing on Dick Cheney when it comes to roughing up the neighbors.

The most frustrating part of it all is that we citizens can do nothing to rein in the excesses of state power. The political process is controlled and pre-ordained. Elections consist of “which corrupt politician would you prefer to guide the imperialist ship of state?”

The answer is “None of the above.” The only rational response to a corrupt state is non-cooperation. This does not mean no political involvement at all. It means concentration on local politics and local decision making, where we live, were our decisions have immediate results, immediate consequences and where those we vote for have immediate responsibility to the electorate.

All together now… face Washington, D.C., place your right hand over your heart and repeat ofter me:


U.S. Troops to Head to Pakistan – Early Warning

U.S. Troops to Head to Pakistan – Early Warning

Are we surprised?

With Bhutto assassinated and safely out of the way, the path is open now for a full court press by the US government into Pakistan, something they’ve been trying to do for some time. Both the US and Great Britain have supported Bhutto in her attempts to pull back the Pakistani government from military domination, all the while knowing that she would soon be killed if she stayed in the country very long. Where were the troops protecting her today?

Pakistan will be another outpost in the American Empire.

US government opposes democracy

James Petras: CIA Destabilization Memo Surfaces on Venezuela

This article reveals the continuing saga of United States government opposition to democratic governments in countries that contain natural resource desired by US corporations. From the earliest banana republics, the United States government has interfered in the internal affairs of sovereign nations, using the CIA to “destabilize” and boldly overthrow legitimate democratic governments and replace them with less democratic, even dictatorial governments that were more easily influenced to support US business.

As always, it is the people who suffer, the very people that US pretends to uphold, the very self-determination that is inscribed as a basic tenet of this country.

The lies and hypocrisy continue, to be replaced by escalating levels of violence until overt invasion is the only option left. Look for increasingly desperate attempts to “destabilize” the Chavez and Morales governments for daring to defy the posturing bully to the north. Some excuse will be found to send American troops to South America, undoubtedly under the umbrella of “terrorism.”

How can I sit here, knowing this is going on every day, in the country that I call home? How long before I say “STOP!” And how do I stop it?

Irony is not yet dead

Condi Rice is either completely ignorant or possessed of a heightened sense of irony, as the Herald Tribune reveals. Time will tell.

In browbeating Putin and accusing the Russian government of walking away from democracy, she accurately and succinctly described increasing centralized authoritarianism, fascism and imperialism in the United States government. Perhaps she was reading from the wrong playbook.

The government of the united States, as distinct from the people occupying the United States of America, has stepped wide of the path of democracy in its latest attempts to solidify the corporatocracy that rules this country, and most of the rest of the world. The Oval One and his band of thugs have shredded the Constitution of the united States of America, abandoned the carefully crafted system of checks and balances that have heretofore maintained an uneasy truce among the graspers at power, and strode roughshod across most of the rest of the planet, making the world safe for hypocrisy.

Militarism, the substitution of military priorities and justifications for government action, has replaced democracy and egalitarianism as the guiding ideology of the United States government. Since the “Global Economy” is capitalist, that makes the United States a country that uses militarism to support, defend and spread capitalism throughout the world by imperialistic economic and military conquest. This is a precise definition of fascism.

The United States government has become the evil force it proposes to defeat, using torture of prisoners, slaughter of civilian non-combatants, indiscriminate bombing of civilian infrastructure, kidnapping, extortion, drug-running, extraterritorial mercenary armies, blatant lies and deceit, murder and assassination, to topple governments that offer no threat to this country. What they do threaten is world corporate hegemony, the ability of trans-national corporations to dominate capital, resources and labor on any continent, in any country on Earth as they desire.

Many have pointed out the clear parallels with the Roman Empire and its decline, as the Romans sought to spread their domination throughout the known world through force of arms, and whose militarism at home lead to a decline in democratic institutions and arguably the eventual downfall of the Roman Empire.

This is not the Roman Empire and history never repeats itself quite this literally.

The greater lesson to be learned is far more universal and final. In a world of finite resources, unlimited growth is a fatal disease. What we see now in these desperate struggles for political and economic domination is the final, pitiful thrashings about of the dinosaur of expansionist capitalism. The twin specters of global climate change and Peak Oil are ushering in the end of the Age of Oil, and with it, the end of the Age of Growth.

Whatever society survives the next 250 years will be inevitably sustainable and in harmony with natural biological and geophysical cycles. There can be no other outcome. The imperialist model of expansion and dominion is revealed as ultimately bankrupt. Only a steady-state society can exist in a world of finite resources.

That’s the way it is. We’re stuck on this whirling mud blob for the rest of eternity, or until the Sun expands and swallows us up. Might as well get used to it, stop all this tedious pretense at omnipotence and get down to the real task of learning how to play nicely together in the remaining sandbox.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Condi.

Military draft should be considered: US war czar

Military draft should be considered

I agree.

Nothing would focus anti-war sentiment in the United States better than a draft. Even a preferential draft that provides exemptions for the elites of society: college students, children of Congress critters, the idle rich. This would bring attention to inequality and elitism in this country and draw to crystal clarity the deep economic and social divisions we live with every day.

If we are called to support the troops, let’s support those who were dragged into the war machine unwillingly, not those who have signed up to escape economic dead ends.

Better yet, let’s have a draft based on economic inequality, starting with those with the highest family income levels first! Let’s see how long imperialism lasts when the children of the elites are placed on the front lines!

Bring it on!