How Media Propaganda Works

dirty Here is a perfect example of the employment of propaganda in a mainstream newspaper, the Washington Post.

Notice the picture above from the top of  the article, Why are so many Americans skeptical about climate change? A study offers a surprising answer, yet another backlit image of a steam plume, making it look ominously dark and dirty.

“A study” turns out to be Corporate funding and ideological polarization about climate change, Justin Farrell, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University, edited by Theda Skocpol, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Though there is no link to the study in the article, one can find it behind a paywall at

The article considers corporate funding of “contrarians,” who, the author claims without evidence, create doubt in the minds of the public about the reality of climate change. The author concludes:

…organizations with corporate funding were more likely to have written and disseminated texts meant to polarize the climate change issue. … and more importantly, that corporate funding influences the actual thematic content of these polarization efforts, and the discursive prevalence of that thematic content over time.

Well, there you have it, unnamed corporations fund unnamed organizations that support their interests, and influence the content of their messages. Damned again!

But wait! Here’s another quote from the Washington Post article:

“The report did not examine the impact of outside money on the messages of groups that encourage activism on climate change.”

Ohhhhhhhhh, I see. The study only looked at “contrarian” organizations and their funders, not organizations and funders that support the “consensus” anthropogenic global warming message. The researcher did not bother to find out if organizations that “encourage activism on climate change” also receive corporate funding that “influences the actual thematic content of these polarization efforts, and the discursive prevalence of that thematic content over time.”

As if the study itself wasn’t bad enough, the uncritical, stenographic message of the Washington Post further obfuscates the blatant bias of this article and its author in favor of the totalitarian message of global warming apocalypse.

It kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it? Who profits? If big bad energy corporations are profiting by sowing doubt about global warming, who is profiting by sowing belief in global warming?

The Scientific Worldview: Evidence of synchronous, decadal to billion year cycles in geological, genetic, and astronomical events

Followers of this blog will remember (if your memory is better than mine) earlier posts where I proposed that climate variation is a function of interacting natural climate cycles, resulting in amplified or reduced climate change over time.

Here is a paper that confirms my proposition and expands it to include, well, just about everything!

“Studies on continuously improving records of geological, biological, and astronomical events and processes led to increased awareness of common cycles in the records. Here we enhance the analytical scope of earlier discoveries by showing that most of these cycles occur in unison, as a harmonic series. Furthermore, we consider them universal because extra-terrestrial cycles involving quasar and star formation exhibit comparable periods to terrestrial cycles involving volcanism, extinction patterns, and genetic development. The cycles oscillate in multiples of three, cascading into a period-tripled set of cycles. We provide one equation combining the characteristics of 32 theoretical cycles, with periods ranging from 57.3 years to 1.64 billion years. Our statistical tests show that the astronomical and geological cycles are phase-locked synchronously, while the biological cycles lag. This synchrony suggests a common astronomical cause for geological and biological cycles. Along with the synchrony, the extensiveness of the observed period-tripling indicates that self-similar patterns develop at a universal scale. This suggests that divisible matter is distributed fractally throughout the universe, as postulated by fractal cosmologies, bifurcation theory, and chaos theory.”

Source: The Scientific Worldview: Evidence of synchronous, decadal to billion year cycles in geological, genetic, and astronomical events

What I Learned about Climate Change: The Science is not Settled

If you read nothing elseParis climate about climate change, you must read this article, carefully, to the end… and save it for future reference.

“What is your position on the climate-change debate? What would it take to change your mind?”

Source: What I Learned about Climate Change: The Science is not Settled — Medium

Famines and Wars Predicted

In a recent article in City Watch, Seth Berenstein whinges on about apparent ho-hummieness about climate change among the public in the United States (mistakenly calling us “Americans” (Does that include Canada, Central and South America?). We’re apparently supposed to be “extremely worried” about climate change, as if being worried would in some way make it go away.

There are two problems with the popular perception of climate change that make it a non-issue.

1) The case for human causation, and, thus, human solution to the perceived problem of climate variation, is very weak. We all know that climates have varied for millennia, long before humans had the capacity to influence weather, let alone climate. If climate didn’t vary on its own, we’d all still be buried under miles of glacier ice. Despite this simple fact, we are expected to accept as rote that humans are so powerful as to cause climate change, and, worse yet, we’re even powerful enough that we can control climate change.

2) The social changes necessary to lower anthropogenic CO2 to levels suggested by the IPCC as sufficient to forestall climate disaster are never full explicated. They would amount to dismantling western civilization and replacing it with a low energy, highly dispersed economy, instead of the present high energy, highly centralized economy. This is not, mind you, a bad idea, whether it affects climate variation or not. But I digress.

No one knows how to do this, no politician or economist wants to do this, and few in the public understand the full implications of the anthropogenic CO2 hypothesis. Life in the United States, and much of the rest of the world, is dominated by propaganda promoting the very totalitarian capitalist consumer economy that is said to be the source of “global warming.”

How do we get the problem to solve itself?

Whether or not observed climate variation is “caused” by humans, or is a natural phenomenon subject to limited human influence, speculation about famine and wars, based on interpretations of worst case scenarios projected by an international policy organization run by the “Sustainable Development” arm of the United Nations, are baseless at best and ultimately counterproductive. This is eminently evident in the response of much of the public around the world to alarmist media pronouncements leading up to the looming major global summit meeting attempting to solidify the global corporate stranglehold on local economies.

Beyond the rampant hyperbole and screaming headlines, one thing is true: human growth and development must stop and some way must be found to decrease economic disparity throughout the world, global warming or not. Famine and wars will continue as they have for thousands of years, with or without climate change.

And still, all of life shares this world of finite resources. We Homo sapiens cannot continue on our present economic and social course. Either we deal with this reality or Nature will deal with us as she has done with all other species.

"Science" Writers For Hire

“Blissfully ignorant of the interconnected nature of the universe, not having science on their side, nor science education, … SCIENCE-writers-for-hire, … mostly Bachelor Degree holders – rely on the word “science” to reinforce each other’s delusions, and propaganda, peddling failed technologies to the most marginal farmers in the world – for corporate profit.”

Click HERE for the full article by Vandana Shiva