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michael aspen

Herein I present some of my humble scribblings, some recent, some over the past many years, reflecting my life as an environmeddler, a student of the present condition, a rambling skeptic, a curmudgeon in training.

After a lifetime or two, maybe three, working for others as a photographer, videographer, archaeologist, college instructor, museum curator and Public Radio maven, often simultaneously, all the while scribbling furiously in notebooks, on defenseless typewriters and electronic keyboards, I’ve decided to work for myself for the rest of my life, if I live that long.


My mind rarely rests for very long on any one subject, from archaeology to genealogy to tales of environmeddling daring-do, so you will find a variety of topics offered on these pages.



“Long live the weeds and the wilderness!” — Ed Abbey, 1927-1989