Is CO2 really Earth’s “control knob”?


I rarely devote an entire blog to promoting other blog posts, but this one has a great deal of data relative to the role of atmospheric CO2 concentration on climate variability.

Thanks to Kenneth Richard on NoTricksZone.

CO2 Control Knob? A 15-22°C Warmer Arctic With Sea Levels 25 m Higher When CO2 Ranged From 300-400 ppm

I’ve long (since 1992) suspected that the atmosphericCO2/global average surface temperature correlation is spurious. The steadily rising CO2 data just doesn’t correlate with the cyclicity of global average surface temperature, before or after recent adjustments in the available data.

As an archaeologist, I find paleoclimate data to be compelling in looking for climate mechanisms to explain modern variability. It’s clear to me that natural climate cycles are responsible for the bulk of modern climate variability as well as long-term climate change.

Click HERE for more on the difference between climate variability and climate change.

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