Dispelling “Urban Coyote” Myths

Urban Coyotes

In a recent article from the Urban Coyote Initiative, Jaymi Heimbuch explains the facts and dispels common myths about the coyotes we see and hear frequently in our neighborhoods around Santa Cruz County.

10 fascinating facts about Urban Coyotes

  • Urban coyotes can create territories out of a patchwork of parks and green spaces
  • Urban coyote dens are surprisingly hard to find
  • Urban coyotes may live in family packs or on their own at different points in their lives.
  • Urban coyotes mate for life and are monogamous.
  • Urban coyotes do not feast on pets and garbage; they typically stick to a natural diet.
  • Urban coyotes often switch from naturally diurnal and crepuscular activity to nocturnal activity.
  • Urban coyotes reduce the presence of feral and free-roaming cats in natural spaces, which helps protect songbirds in parks.
  • Urban coyotes help control the populations of other sometimes problematic urban wildlife like rodents, deer and Canada geese.
  • The easiest way for city residents to avoid negative interactions with coyotes is to avoid feeding them, either accidentally or on purpose, and otherwise habituating them to humans.
  • Trapping and killing or relocating urban coyotes does not reduce the overall population of coyotes.

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