A New Direction, An Old Concern

corcoran lagoon

For the past six months or so,  I’ve been publishing Santa Cruz Online and Santa Cruz Environmental Review, weekly listings of local government, NGO and environmental meetings and events in and around Santa Cruz County. I started compiling these reports as a way to help myself keep track of the myriad meetings, when and where and who and why. When I discovered just how many meetings and events there are in the county, I decided to share the results of my research to help others be aware of these meetings and to encourage others to participate in local government as a result.

It’s been a satisfying effort and I’ve received many comments from those who find it useful as well.

However (there’s always a “However” isn’t there?), I’ve begun to feel my activist fingers itching to go a step beyond cataloguing meetings, and moving, in parallel, toward commentary and totting up of the results of those meetings, as well as promoting public engagement in the continuing saga of local government.

Thus, a new emphasis for Searching for Balance.

From now on, I will be focusing on activities, plans and proclivities of local governments and organizations with respect to local environmental problems and challenges and the laws and regulations that protect and defend local habitats and species. From natural resource and habitat conservation, to protection of local animal and plant species, and the effects of local human growth and development on the natural environment, I’ll be shining the bright light of day on less prominently visible and often neglected environmental problems in Santa Cruz County.

So join me at Searching for Balance. We may not solve all of the looming environmental problems in Our Fair County, but at least we’ll discover what they are, who is responsible for their solutions and where to find them.

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