Things Unseen: Three Examples

My original idea for this blog was to explore those things (events, people, assumptions, beliefs, myths, stories, news, etc.) that we take for granted, accept without question or just merely assume they are true without reflection. While I’ve undoubtedly stayed far afield already, my core interest remains in ferreting out the unseen and shining a light on its origins and implications.

Here are three examples of the Unseen:

  1. Assassinations of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Senator Robert Francis Kennedy, Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm Little (Malcolm X), and many others.
  2. The United States and international corporate oligarchy, also known as “The Secret Team” (L. Fletcher Prouty), “The Power Elite” (David Talbot), “The Unspeakable” (James W. Douglass), “The Secret Government” (Bill Moyers), “The Deep State” (Peter Dale Scott, Mike Lofgren)
  3. Climate Change, Global Warming, Anthropogenic Climate Change, Climate Chaos, Climate Disruption

I’ll deal with each of these in turn in a series of Wednesday blog posts. First, a word about “conspiracy theories.”

Whenever we write or talk about the above subjects, we often get the response, “Is that a conspiracy theory?” It’s as if a conspiracy is somehow something less than real, and any proponents of conspiratorial ideas can be dismissed out of hand. In the climate change world, the “conspiracy” label is often substituted with pejoratives such as “denier” and “alarmist.” In environmentalism, it’s called NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard), as if everyone isn’t most concerned about what happens in their own back yard, and can do something about it..

This name calling serves to keep the Unseen in the dark, denying it any legitimate airing, and calling to question the integrity of the target. Michael Parenti has responded in detail to this propensity for defensive  name-calling in his book Dirty Truths (1996). Read it HERE.

So for the purpose of this series, we’ll just turn the “Conspiracy Theory ” switch to “Off” for the duration and deal with documented evidence, data and facts. There’s enough of those to keep us busy for a long time to come!

Next up on Things Unseen Wednesday, “The Deep State and the 1960s Assassinations: Lone Nuts or Interlocking Agendas?



2 thoughts on “Things Unseen: Three Examples

    1. It is humans who struggle to acquire, maintain and increase power, whether it is over other humans, other living things or the natural world. It’s not restricted to capitalism, though that is the dominant economic form of power. We now have the commingling of economic power, political power and military power which is incredibly destructive to all life.


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