Happy 2016, If That’s What It Is

Happy Near Year, such as it is!

Despite the fact that the Winter Solstice passed two weeks ago and the Spring Equinox has yet to arrive, the date thingie up there in the right hand corner of my screen and the analog calendar hanging on the wall agree that it is indeed a new year, which, for the occasion, is labeled 2016.

Let’s see, that makes me, oh, older than I care to think about. Time is relative and many of my relatives are older or gone entirely. Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

Why 2016? We’re told this is the Year of The Lord, 2016, meaning 2016 years after the birth of Jesus Christ… or so.

Well, no one really knows the year of this central religious occasion. It was estimated in AD (Anno Domini) 525 by Dionysius Exiguus, a 6th-century monk born in Scythia. He was figuring in the Julian calendar, of course, (see my previous post A date by Any Other Name), which was subsequently changed to our present Gregorian system of reckoning years.

So the year 2016 is an arbitrary designation for us these days, serving as a knick point against which to measure the passage of time, what ever that is. It’s a nice number, much more rounded and graceful than the awkward and knee-bent 2015. I think I’ll keep it for a while, at least a year.

Stay tuned in 2016 for a new feature on Words Arranged, every Monday, called Monday Maunderings. This will be a wrap-up of the past weeks News from the Unseen, and a peek forward through the mists of time to the week ahead. The first Maunderings will be Monday, January 4, you guessed it, 2016!

I’m looking forward in 2016 to new revelations about things in the past, things to come and what’s really happening now.

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