Media Fallout

In my last post on Words Arranged, I mused on the question, “Who benefits from global warming alarmism?”

As the above picture illustrates, I think I might have a clue.

We’ve all noticed an exponential increase in climate change hyperbole in the run up to COP21, the climate summit coming up in Paris. Media pundits everywhere are climbing on each others’ shoulders to jump on the global warming bandwagon in attributing all the ills of the Universe to climate change.

What you may not have noticed is a parallel increase in nuclear energy propaganda, linking self-proclaimed “clean” (sic) nuclear energy to expressed concerns about human produced CO2 emissions from fossil fueled energy plants. Lobbying organizations such as The Breakthrough Institute, who have pimped for nukes for decades, are now doubling down on their “clean nuclear energy” mantra.

However, there’s a new fly swimming in this radioactive ointment.

You didn’t read this in the mainstream press, oddly, given it’s connections to “terrorism”and its critical importance to the nuclear industry:

As you read this, a terror attack has put nuclear reactors in Ukraine at the brink of another Chernobyl-scale apocalypse. ISIS has the power at any time to inflict

Source: Nuclear Reactors Make ISIS an Apocalyptic Threat

What’s going on here? Terrorists blowing up power lines feeding a nuclear power plant? Why, Dave Foreman and friends were arrested and prosecuted in 1990 for even thinking about such a deed, making headlines across the US. Why hasn’t the media jumped on this story like a herd of children in a bounce house?

Could it be that nukes in the United States are vulnerable to such terrorist attacks, thus, increasing liability for nuke builders and operators? Would this cause a nuclear energy funding drought, just when nuke operators were starting to fill their funding rain barrels in the “clean” nukes global warming debate?

One might think, if one were disposed to such a revolutionary act, that mainstream media might have buried this story at the behest of those corporate interests who stand to benefit from current global warming hysteria.

Who benefits, indeed?

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