Nuclear Energy Industry Propaganda

    Nuclear energy proponents promote propaganda that nukes are a “low carbon” alternative to fossil fuels. Does construction, maintenance and dismantling of this facility look “low carbon” to you?

Judged on a full cycle energy analysis, nukes are the sixth highest in greenhouse gas emissions of all  energy forms, falling behind wind and solar.

Production of nuclear energy requires mining uranium, and metal ores, manufacturing component parts and transporting them to the building site, construction of the nuclear facility utilizing thousands of tons of concrete and steel, maintenance of the site during its working life, dismantling, transportation and storage of radioactive waste materials, including the reactor and associated infrastructure and keeping it away from the biosphere for thousands of years. None of this can be accomplished using electricity supplied by nuclear power plants. Ironically, greenhouse gas producing fossil fuels are required to build and maintain this “low carbon” facility.

Despite these basic facts, nuclear energy proponents continue to promote nukes as a “clean” energy alternative to fossil fuels. Even the supreme global warming alarmist, Dr. James Hansen, is heading for Paris to prop up support for nukes during the upcoming high energy climate change summit.

There is no free energy lunch, not even a moderately inexpensive mid-day snack. But the menu remains unchanged: more and more energy for more and more production for more and more consumption.