Global Warming? Really?

It’s amazing that so many electrons are still shed over global warming. While the evidence piles up that we have entered the cooling phase ofthe 60 year climate variation cycle, anthropogenic global warming proponents have cranked up the propaganda machine in an attempt to revive the Global Warming Scare(c).

Even Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick has been dragged out of the closet, slapped with a new coat of varnish and paraded before the amnesiosphere as if it was something new and legitimate.

And yet, no one can argue that there has been no significant change in global average surface temperature in the past fifteen years, the length of time the climate modelers set as the test of their own climate models which failed to “project” this pause in the Modern Warming Period.

This is not to say that warming will not recommence, in its own time, at its own rate. It is to say, however, that the “consensus” hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming is seriously called to question by the present state, or lack of it, of global warming.

The best hypothesis to explain the body of observation of global climate variation is the combination of solar/cosmic cycles that influence insolation, cloud formation and the Earth’s energy balance, and oceanic decadal cycles that redistribute the Earth’s heat from the equator to the poles, and onward out into space.

Climate models are not evidence; they are hypotheses waiting to be tested against contemporary observation. So far, no existing climate model has been verified against modern observations.

Time will tell!

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