How US Fueled The Rise Of The Islamic State

When overwhelming, emotional headlines sweep over us, such as the shocking attacks in Paris, it’s difficult to maintain a perspective on the forces behind the events. The attacks in Paris are not random events in the clickstream, they are part of a struggle among many players, including the United States government and its client states in the Middle East.

of the Guardian dug down to the core of the struggle between ISIS (aka Al Qaida) and Western governments seeking to break down indigenous opposition to continuing efforts by the United States Empire to consolidate control of this volatile area.

“What’s clear is that Isis and its monstrosities won’t be defeated by the same powers that brought it to Iraq and Syria in the first place, or whose open and covert war-making has fostered it in the years since. Endless western military interventions in the Middle East have brought only destruction and division. It’s the people of the region who can cure this disease – not those who incubated the virus.”

Source: How US Fueled The Rise Of The Islamic State | PopularResistance.Org

Meanwhile, here in the Homeland, The Broadcast continues to obfuscate the plans of the corporate oligarchy to stir the pot, poke at the hornets nest and manipulate the people, both domestically and internationally, to support the continued aspirations to empire.

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