A Few Thoughts on Anarchism

“This year, 2015, marks the 175th anniversary of the publication of Proudhon’s seminal ‘What is Property?’. While opponents had hurled the label “anarchist” at those more radical than themselves during both the English and French revolutions, Proudhon was the first to embrace the name and proclaim themselves an anarchist. Anarchism, like any significant theory, has evolved as society has evolved and a great many since Proudhon have proclaimed themselves – or been proclaimed by their enemies – an anarchist. What, then, does anarchism mean at the start of the 21st century?”

Source: A Few Thoughts on Anarchism | Anarchist Writers

Yes, anarchy has a bad name these days, thanks to a century or more of propaganda, lies and misinformation self-servingly promulgated by the elitist corporate oligarchy that controls the broadcast and access to information. We are constantly urged to not use the words anarchy or anarchism to avoid putting off the readers with images of bomb-throwing crazed maniacs.

If we are to reveal the broadcast and expose the underlying totalitarian message, it is necessary to use words for their meaning in order to talk about the processes that result in the culture in which we are immersed.

The above essay is long, and it is an excellent description of the history of anarchist thought and its place in the world today.