The Emperor’s New Outfit

Now that the Oval One II has politely asked Congress for permission to turn loose his Navy on Syria (prepositioned in the eastern Med before the alleged chemical weapons attack), it’s time for his handlers to unleash the next militaristic adventure: the propaganda war against the American people.

Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman wrote a book called Manufacturing Consent: the Political Economy of Mass Media, in which they detailed how national and international news is structured, controlled and packaged by elite economic and political players in favor of their preferred outcomes.

In “The Grand Narrative for War: Manufacturing Consent on Syria,” Anthony DiMaggio updates Chomsky and Herman’s work, bringing it into the headlines of the Obama administration’s salivating desire to bomb the hell out of yet another small nation that obstreperously refuses to bow down to the American Empire (TM). CNN leads the charge with (How Bashar al-Assad took Syria to the brink — and beyond“), pounding the drums of war in a race to be the first to bow before the Emperor and kiss his unshod feet.

Even though each and every national poll reveals that the American people, and most of the rest of the world, are overwhelmingly opposed to a unilateral military attack on Syria by the United States government, the Powers That Be (PTB) manufacturing the Emperor’s New Outfit are spinning their cloth made up of the warp of disinformation and the woof of lies. PTB designers are busy crafting the new look, PTB word-weavers are spinning their threads and shaping their cloths of headlines, sound bites and peurile pundit prevarications.

Soon the full suit of clothes of the New Look will be revealed as the Oval One II parades down the media runway, to the pliant applause of the terminally entrenched. Critics will acclaim the New Look. The punditocracy will adopt the New Style. Congress will adopt and defend the Emperor’s taste in haberdashery. 

Maybe, if we’re very lucky, despite the glare of the stage lights and the blare of the band, those with eyes to see and ears to hear, if there be any left, will note the true transparency of the new garments. 

Stay tuned.

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