Is This the Santa Cruz We Want to Live in? – Car Edition

We choose the world we live in, day to day. 
Is this the world we want?

Over 50% of the land surface in Santa Cruz is devoted to roads,
parking and automobile services.
Automobiles are so ubiquitous in the United States we don’t even notice them. We’ve forgotten that our neighborhoods used to be quiet, day and night, free of the constant traffic noise that plagues our community today. We’ve forgotten how to walk from one place to another, or even ride that wonder of the early 1900s, the bicycle.
Here in Santa Cruz, where the sun shines 90% of the time, where it only rains, intermittently, from December to May, the streets are clogged every day with cars, carrying one person, traveling less than two miles around town.

Rather than a coastal town, Santa Cruz has become a car town. Access to coastal amenities means sailing through an ocean of cars, struggling for a berthing spot within a ten minute walk, then finding the car again and swimming upstream to get back home again.

The Municipal Wharf  has become the Municipal Coastal Parking Lot, a half-mile long line of cars decorating the fading facades of topside businesses.
For those who don’t have cars, either by choice or circumstance, other means of transportation, and income are required.
Surely, we can do better. 
Must our vision for a livable future for Santa Cruz include our present obeisance to the automobile?

One thought on “Is This the Santa Cruz We Want to Live in? – Car Edition

  1. Would LOVE to do away with cars! I've often regretted the time wasted at the jammed fishhook, which could be better spent on the beach. I had no idea so much land was devoted to cars! Great points here>


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