Of Strings and Christmas and Things Universal

The String-theorists are right: we do live in a Multiverse.

At least, I don’t live in the same Universe as those people who fight in stores over $180 running shoes, at Christmas, even if there is some real connection with a baby born in suspicious circumstance 2,000 years ago… which there is not.

Christmas is a Dickensian fantasy, dredged up from the depths of our cultural consciousness, feeding our desires for a world that doesn’t exist, at least in this Universe. Maybe in some other Universe love that passeth understanding is greater than greed, acquisitiveness, competition, authority, ignorance, outright stupidity and intolerance. But not in this world. In this world, the very basis of our society is inequality between those who have little and those who have most of everything else.

While the majority quietly sing Christmas carols with their families, the rich minority make a profit from the sale of Christmas products at a high mark-up and artificially limited availability.

Humbug, in deed.

If we celebrate anything, let’s celebrate the seasons that make this such a beautiful Universe in which to live. The incredible diversity of all life on this whirling ball of stone and gas, the slow turning of our planet, the year-long journey around our sun, the millennial precession of our planetary system and the incomperable drift of our galaxy through the only Universe we can know. These are the realities of our world that deserve celebration.

Merry Universe!

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