What comes after Global Warming? The next Ice Age!

In this articlePrepare for new Ice Age now says top paleoclimatologist, Terrance Aym points out the undeniable paleoclimate record clearly demonstrating that Ice Ages are preceded by a “global warming” spike.

Look here:

See the squiggly lines in the box between 10,000 years ago and 500,000 years ago. Notice how each blip up in the series goes up abruptly just before it goes down abruptly. That’s global mean surface temperature. That’s Global warming, followed by global cooling, unto the next glacial advance.

I don’t know why this is such a big secret to those promoting “Global warming” as the be-all and end-all of climate change. Climate change doesn’t have direction: it can go up, or it can go down. In the past, the Earth’s climates have varied from tropical to glacial. Why would anyone expect that to be any different now?

Why do global warming proponents think that the Earth will continue to warm indefinitely and not cool down, just because humans are adding CO2 to the atmosphere (maybe)? Do global warming proponents think Earth and Solar System precession has somehow stopped, and the cycles that have dominated Earth’s climate for the last several million years are no longer in effect?

Don’t toss out your longies and muqluqs just yet, Mother Nature bats last, and this time her bat’s made out of ice!


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