If… could… might… the uncertainty of climate change

Polar bears threatened IF climate change warms Hudson Bay: Study

Cities along the southern Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico will likely be hardest hit IF global sea levels rise, as projected, by about 3 feet (1 meter) by 2100, researchers reported in the journal Climate Change Letters.

How do these uncertainties get transformed to certainty in the corporate media? Predictions in science are not descriptions of what is certain to happen, they are hypotheses to be tested against observation. Mathematical climate models only model those parameters programmed into them. They cannot account for those factors not entered into the model’s scenarios.

Since articles published in corporate media are ephemeral, written by non-scientists and subject to the whims of for-profit corporate interests, we cannot base world climate and energy policies on screaming headlines and yellow journalism. Science, and scientists (not science lobbying organizations such as the IPCC and National Science Foundation) must be the final arbiters of scientific reality.


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