Climate Science – 97% consensus?

There are a couple of important papers available on the web recently.

We’ve all heard the oft-repeated claim that “97% of climate scientists believe in anthroponic global warming,” referring to human CO2 production as responsible for increasing average global surface temperature, and, therefore, we can “stop global warming” by reducing human CO2 output.

In Climate Consensus Opiate, the 97% Solution, Dennis Ambler lays to rest the myth with an examination of the survey that started the consensus rumor. Hint: it’s really .73% of climate scientists!

Questioning the very idea of unprecedented increases in average global surface temperatures, McKitrick and Michaels, JGR 2007 demonstrates that temperature records really are skewed by the Urban Heat Island Effect, such that temperature increases are at least half what is claimed by global warming enthusiasts, placing present temperatures firmly within the range of normal global temperature variation.

No climate deniers here, just well documented and accessible science.

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