Get some Goats!

This article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel Pasatiempo launches Operation Landscape Goat to help with restoration work details how the smart folks at the Pasatiempo Golf Club are employing goats to help remove out of control invasive species at the edges of the golf course.

There’s a lesson here for Santa Cruz City Fathers and Mothers – no need to deploy an industrial scale cattle operation to remove invasive grasses from the Arana Gulch greenbelt, grasses that are retarding the livelihood of the endangered Santa Cruz tarplant. Just import a herd of goats and their canine protectors. No need for fences and fence posts strung across critical habitat. All the goats need is a portable solar powered electric fence to keep them corralled and attentive to their gustatory duties.

Here’s a lesson for both the City of Santa Cruz and the California Coastal Commission: Less impact to fragile coastal habitats, and the goats provide fertilizer to boot.

Besides, they’re kinda cute!


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