If you drill it, it will spill

Officials: Leaks Spewing More Oil Into Gulf

Just as the Exxon Valdez oil spill put a stop to attempts to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the explosion and leak at the off-shore well in the Gulf of Mexico will stop Obama administration efforts to revive off-shore drilling.

We have said this all along, since the disastrous oil leak off Santa Barbara, that off-shore drilling will result in unmitigatable oil spills, and that the results will be massive environmental damage.

Continuous reassurances from oil executives belied the lobbying behind the scenes to reduce regulations on off-shore drilling, just as the Alyeska consortium reduced oversight of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and the oil tanker fleet in the 80s in Alaska.

Whenever there are billions of dollars of profit to be made, corners will be cut, politicians will be bribed, safety measures ignored and the public continuously duped into thinking that all is well.

None of the trillions of dollars of profit extorted by the oil industry can put the oil back in the ground beneath the Gulf of Mexico. The damage is done, and increasing every minute.

The only way to prevent massive oil spills is to leave the oil in the ground where it belongs.


One thought on “If you drill it, it will spill

  1. Amen, Brother Hayduke. Preach it! Now if we could just get all those oil executives to come forth, confess their sins against Mother Earth, ask for Her forgiveness and to turn from their wickedness. For no man cometh to life and liveth a full life except via the Earth Mother.


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