Earth Day Suffers from Gang-Green

Reclaiming Earth Day, an excellent essay by Brian Tokar, ecosocialist and long-time critic of corporate domination of the Green movement.

In 2000, I was shocked to attend a Sierra Club meeting to find that, while my back was turned, the organization had become top-down, centralized and corporatized. That’s what I get for not paying attention. It’s happened to all the Big Greens, who have adopted the corporate model for their internal organization, so they can get big bucks from Big Business to do the Big Work.

So they say.

Nature doesn’t know compromise, only loss. When Green organizations go to bed with Big Business, the resulting offspring is Big and no longer Green. Ecowarriors have become ecowhores, chasing the dollar, ignoring the fact that the bottom line for corporations is profit for shareholders and they’ll do anything to get it.


Fortunately, there are many principled environmentalists among us still working at the grass roots, using the few dregs of environmental laws that still have some teeth in them.

“Never doubt that a small dedicated group of people can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead


4 thoughts on “Earth Day Suffers from Gang-Green

  1. Michael,
    A different view of Earth day 2010.

    Just left the California EPA building Air Resouces Board meeting where after two years they finally admitted that their estimates of emissions created by contractors was off by AT LEAST 200%.

    I hope the true environmentalist can survive the take over of the movement. The ethical environmentalist was kicked to the curb by both the capitalist and the socialist who found the “green movement” as a great tool to either make social change or a quick buck.



  2. I haven't seen any social change come about from Gang Green. Big bucks, yes. Increased cooperation with capitalist, for profit corporations, yes.

    I don't see any socialists around here, in this capitalist society. Which ones did you have in mind?


  3. Michael,

    This is your blog and I enjoy your posts. You don't see socialist in the current environmentalists?

    Oh well. I am reading the section in the book “Microcosm – Portrait of a Central Eurpoean City” about the time from 1918 until 1945 in a German city between the wars. Interesting read.

    “Green” is the new “red.” Pawns in the new game. When the wall went down and the soviets came west into Europe, do you think they gave up their ideology and the aim to destroy the enemy of the people? Evil capitalism and the poster child of capitalism, the United States of America.

    Food for thought. But it might be bitter. I believe I can see the game behind the facade.

    Do you Michael?



  4. No, I don't see socialists in the current environmentalism. We're all capitalists in this society, and Big Greens embrace capitalism with a fervor. Why do you think they accept money from polluting corporations?

    “Green is the new red” is so yesterday. It never was real.

    The Soviets never aimed to destroy the United States. They needed us as much as we needed (and still look for) them.

    Big Green environmentalism is all about maintaining the capitalist status quo, consumerism, for-profit corporations, quiescent and compliant voters, centrally controlled, corporate oligarchy.

    Yes, I do see the game behind the facade.


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