Thug in Chief Orders Up a Murder

Obama Administration Authorizes CIA to Kill US Citizen

Murder, Inc. has moved its headquarters to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Now the united States government has donned the mantle of Chief Executioner, taking on the jobs of Judge, Jury, defense and prosecution attorneys, court recorder and attending pliant press.

It’s easy: decide who they want to murder, send a memo to the CIA, who dispatch a hired thug or a pilotless drone, and BOOM, the “terrorist” is dead, along with half of the neighborhood of innocent men, women and children. No messy trial to confuse the issues, no due process. No appeals. The President has his finger on the trigger. Fire at will.

The united States has sold its honor for a gallon of gas.


6 thoughts on “Thug in Chief Orders Up a Murder

  1. It just leaves you speechless. In my opinion, he's worse than Bush, because at least with Bush you knew you had a scoundrel from the get go. Bush never tried to hide what he was.


  2. I'm curious, where was your rage in 2002 when Bush ordered predator drone strikes actually killed US citizen Kamal Derwish? Anwar al-Awlaki is alive, and while I oppose assassination, his death would be merely a drop in the bucket compared to the number of people (often innocent) killed in strikes under Bush and Obama.


  3. Gee, why would I ever picture you in the 70-80 percent Bush approval camp when all I read on your blog is intellectual acrobats in the name of defacing Obama? I don't like the guy, I didn't vote for the guy, and I disagree with him on a great many issues… but I am not obsessively compelled to lambast Obama at every turn.

    Some of the scrutiny under Obama may in fact be holdover from frustration experienced under Bush, but misplaced criticism is making a mediocre president out to be a monster. He's not a wolf in sheep's clothes, he's actually a sheep on whom you keep throwing a wolf's pelt.


  4. It's not a matter of who is in office, but what that person does.

    I don't have the power to make Obama a mediocre President. That's up to him.

    Obama made promises to get into office, I expect him to keep them.

    War is never a solution to any problem.


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