Global Warming and Grasping at Socialist Straws

Anthropogenic Global Warming is being used by the Left as a hammer to bash capitalism in the name of Climate Justice. This is a grave mistake. The assumption is that rich countries have created Global Warming at the expense of poor countries, and, therefore, rich countries should stop Global Warming and recompense the poor countries suffering from its effects.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Climate Change is a natural phenomenon that has occurred since there was atmosphere on the Earth.

Is the average surface temperature increasing? Yes, as it has increased for the past 15,000 years since the beginning of the present interglacial.

How has that warming occurred in the past in the absence of human industrial activity?

Is the increase in average surface temperature of the past 240 years unusual in climatological history? No, not at all.

Most importantly, who benefits from the widespread impression that Global Warming is a threat to humans and human civilization? The Pentagon, the military-industrial complex, capitalists everywhere. “Green” technology is the new glowing hope of capitalism, built on a sham, supported by the IPCC whose head is deeply invested in green technology and carbon trading schemes.

The scientific community faces declines in funding due to the current recession. Grant funds are drying up. Departmental budgets are down. Administrators are demanding that researchers find new sources of grant funds. Who is offering grant funding? Those very same sources seeking to bolster the image of global warming. Researchers are forced to publish in professional journals feeling the pinch of recession. Pressure is brought to bear to encourage “positive” articles on global warming. Researchers must choose between publishing articles acceptable to professional journals or step outside the mainstream “consensus” cohort.

Yet, the science is still there, when it is not withheld from public examination, as is the case with the CRU data. Independent scientists, emeritus faculty and others whose livelihoods do not depend on kow-towing to the capitalist agenda, publish dissenting articles. Meanwhile, global capitalists lap dogs, such as the IPCC, cite such paragons of scientific acumen as Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund (with its capitalist partner Allianz) and dodgy data sources that, on close examination, cannot be verified.

Before we adopt Global Warming as the Socialist Big Stick, we would do well to examine all the research, and listen to the interpretations of all the scientists. Socialism may end up, once again, swinging in the chill winds of history.

6 thoughts on “Global Warming and Grasping at Socialist Straws

  1. Michael,
    You are a breath of fresh air. I also live in thbe Bay Area and try and keep a road building business alive in a greater and greater regulated state. We have a job in Oakland that has an environmental cop for every three workers on the job. Good paying green jobs these “inspectors” have. Their salaries are paid for by the fines they can impose on the contractor for making any of the thousand “environmental mistakes”.

    Free markets are in trouble.



  2. Please don't extrapolate my comments to paint me as a proponent of “free markets.”Free markets are not in trouble because there are no free markets. All economies are highly manipulated, internally and externally.

    I'm pleased that the inspectors have good jobs, and I'm pleased that environmental regulation continues apace. Not because of climate change, but because of pollution, habitat loss, soil loss, energy inefficiency.

    I am not a capitalist apologist, nor am I a socialist advocate. Neither economic system has a monopoly on environmental policy.

    I support the only social system that has survived for more than a few hundred years: local bioregional self-sufficiency.


  3. I had a meeting today with a principle in a “wealth management” firm. Their job is to help rich folks grow more money.
    We drifted to the subject of venture capital, money typically put in start ups or early stage development companies. He told me venture capital has dried up except for two key areas, biotech and anything with the label “green” on it. If you label it “green technology,” the venture boys are throwing all sorts of money at it. It's the new growth market.


  4. Hey Hayduke..

    I like the neutral stance you pretend to hold re the global warming thingie..But sounds to me that you have a deep fear of 'socialism'..not that that's not a good does have a dark history..Nevertheless, you do seem to dismiss what appears as solid evidence from many sources that we are a large part of the problem. And in any case, we should be adopting alternate energy etc. to deal with the other 'wrestlers' in the ring that you mention. I don't think carbon cap and trade is the answer, but I don't think we should dismiss warming as not being 'proven' and carry on business as usual…just sayin'


  5. I don't pretend to anything.

    I have no fear of socialism. Socialism as practiced today is an empty husk, devoid of the meaning it once had. Today's socialists are left holding the remains of history, unable or unwilling to change along with the present.

    I dismiss only the contention that anthropogenic greenhouse gases have a greater influence on climate variability than other geophysical processes.

    I've never said we should carry on business as usual. Quite the opposite. Climate change is real and it can go cold as well as hot. We must preserve cultural as well as biological diversity in order to accommodate to the challenges of natural climate change.


  6. Good post. The Left has indeed embraced the catastrophic AGW idea like a godsend, without bothering to check its validity. Many well-meaning people believe that the rise of this notion to prominence is a result of their activism. They think James Hansen is a hero who keeps his position, in spite of his antics, just because he is “too good a scientist to let go” (I’ve read such comments). I am appalled by the innocence of these perspectives. If James Hansen’s views and antics weren’t useful to those who employ him, he would have been disposed of unceremoniously years ago. The sad truth is that the catastrophic AGW hypothesis has no legs at all and has been propped up on stilts to such grotesque heights that it seems it can no longer go on unnoticed. Every single aspect of this house of cards has been so thoroughly exaggerated, made up, contrived, manipulated, propagandized, you name it, that I have nothing left but repulsion towards it. The funny thing is this: many of the actions that would logically follow if the theory were true, I totally agree with. It is a no brainer that energy conservation, alternative energy initiatives, radical changes in social paradigms, the ditching of “growth” as a fundamental economic pillar etc. are going to be needed whether we like it or not. It is also a no brainer that the schemes being proposed to these ends, such as making CO2 a financially tradeable commodity, are abominable. It is also a no brainer that basing major policy shifts on a fictional boogeyman will lead to no good. I started out believing in this cant. I have been following the AGW tale and the “science” behind it pretty closely for the last 3 years. I have no doubts anymore that it is mostly a sham. And the sooner it gets exposed for what it is, the better. The bankers are already leaving the sinking boat. The politicians will follow. Once they are safely out, the whole thing will be pinned by them on wicked charlatanism by the left.


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