Oopsy! Another IPCC error?

From the “For What It’s Worth Department:”

Earth may be less sensitive to greenhouse gases than thought

IPCC reports have long held that the earth’s atmosphere is more sensitive to anthropogenic CO2 than would appear from the chemical action of CO2 alone. Now it appears that assumption, built into all global climate models, may be … well, wrong.

You’d think the earth’s atmosphere was far too complex for mathematical models, based on a limited understanding of initial conditions, to predict the outcome of chaotic climate systems.

You would if you were a skeptical scientist, skepticism being the core of the scientific process.


One thought on “Oopsy! Another IPCC error?

  1. … and yet they're revising their models. When was the last time pollutionists revised any of their thinking? Oh that's right, they don't care what's true, just what's profitable.

    Global warming doesn't even have to be real, humans still have a markedly obvious effect on our environment.


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