Degrowth Time Has Come

In his speech to Klimaforum 09, the People’s Climate Conference in Copenhagen:
Degrowth Seminar, Copenhagen Klimaforum09, Miguel Valencia lays bare the basic dichotomy in modern human societies. It is not North vs. South, or East vs. West, it is traditional village life versus modern, centralized, hierarchical, industrial, consumerist society.

“Liberating the social imagination means revitalizing the village by producing for local needs and consuming local produce; organizing micro- cooperatives and micro-syndicates; reducing work-time voluntarily and cutting consumption, and constructing new ecological communities with rigorous rules. It also means growing vegetables by our own dwellings or nearby in the eco-region; to walk and bicycle for everyday mobility; to modify toilets and water facilities; to separate residues for reuse and recycling; to support local money, savings and loans, and to use or produce hand-made products. Abandon the use of automobile, bottled water and red meat consumption.”

The purpose of the mainstream Copenhagen climate conference is a desperate attempt to maintain the human economic status quo in the face of clear evidence of its destructive effects on non-industrial societies and the non-human world. The Klimaforum 09 gathering throws the social and environmental contrasts between the industrialized and non-industrialized world into sharp focus and reveals the ultimate futility of attempting to prop up an unsustainable world view.

Valencia’s speech should be plastered on the front page of every newspaper in the world, distributed as broadsheets on every street corner, read aloud at peace, environmental and social justice gatherings everywhere. This is the voice of the future and the dying wail of “Civilization” brought to account for its profligate ways.

3 thoughts on “Degrowth Time Has Come

  1. I have sad, sad, news for you.

    A sneaky, little-noted, dark-horse project in NJ is set, if it succeeds, to revitalize and massively boost growth and technological civilization. is within a very few years (<5?) of providing the world with a totally waste-free source of electricity at 1/20 of present costs, in the form of small 5MW generators deployable anywhere in the world.

    Unfortunately, this will enable people everywhere to vastly improve their industrial and agricultural output, and resolve such crucial limits to growth as water purification, etc., at a stroke. The entire CO2 shambalooza will deflate, as though it had never been.

    Sorry to give you the bad news.


  2. Uh-huh.

    Some simple questions: how do we generate 1 billion degrees Kelvin ignition temperature? (We can't at this moment)

    More importantly: where does the hydrogen-boron fuel come from? How much energy does it take to produce hydrogen-boron fuel? How is the hydrogen-boron fuel transported to generators scattered all over the world?

    What are the products of fusion-focus? Nitrogen? “Small” amounts of radioactivity? (What is small on a commercial scale?) X-rays? (How much on a commercial scale)

    What rare elements are rquired to build a fusion-focus generator? Where are they located? What does it take to extract, transport, manufacture and assemble these materials. In other words, what is the total energy cost of electricity produced by a Fusion-focus generator?

    The worst thing that could happen to life on earth would be an inexpensive, pollution free energy source. With no energy limits to human expansion, all life on earth would be in jeopardy.


  3. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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