The Private "Public" Option

The Washington Post reveals, in an article with this misleading headline: Prognosis improves for public insurance, that “public option” health insurance will be managed by a private corporation!

“The public option would effectively be just another insurance plan offered on the open market. It would likely be administered by a private insurance provider, charging premiums and copayments like any other policy. In an early estimate of the House bill, the Congressional Budget Office forecast that fewer than 12 million people would buy insurance through the government plan. “

Congress continues to ignore the distinction between health care and health insurance. The public option is not about government provided health insurance, it’s about government provided medical care, on the model of the National Health Service in England. We don’t want insurance companies involved. We don’t want private corporations making profits from the misfortune of the ill and injured. We want quality medical care available for everyone, regardless of income or social circumstances.

Capitalism is based on the premise that the few should have more than the many, that some should be fed while others go hungry, that access to medical care is based on income rather than need.

Universal medical care is the basis for a strong, vibrant society in which all members enjoy equal access to necessary medical care.

Stop the charade in Congress. Pass a meaningful universal medical care bill now.


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