The world’s future is being decided this weekend!

“We must agree to halt deforestation and curtail air travel now if the Copenhagen summit is to succeed.” The Guardian:

It sounds so innocent seeing it lying there on the page in black and white.

Halt deforestation? Sure, why not? Just stop cutting down trees. Or plant more trees after we cut them down.

Curtail air travel? Sounds good to me. It’s pretty inconvenient these days, anyway, what with all the security restrictions.

Think what this means. Think how much of “The Economy” is based on cutting trees and flying in airplanes.

Not just trees for building houses, but space where trees used to be for growing McCow burgers, sugar cane for ethanol, palm trees for oil.

Not just vacations to Grandma’s house, but business travel, all those people in suits working on their laptops at 37,000 feet. And all the money those businesses spend for the seats, and all the money the airlines spend for those thousands of employees to keep those laptops at 37,000.

I’d call it a revolution, a forced change from “The (Global) Economy,” to “Many Local Economies.” Right here at home. Eating local food grown in local bioregions. Doing good work that doesn’t require vacations to exotic locales. Visiting Grandma down the street, not thousands of frequent flyer miles away.

Why not start now and avoid the rush? Where do we sign up?

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