The angry face of fascism

In a revealing article, Chris Hedges uncovers the dark source of anger expressed recently at political town hall meetings across the country.

In a telling comparison, Hedges points out the parallel historical German group, Freikorps, the German militia formed in the 18th Century and revived by returning World War I soldiers in Weimar Germany.

Our American Freikorps are soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, alienated, angry and looking for solace from the nightmare of their war time experiences, if only in a return to violence at home.

And as if that weren’t sufficient, they find their fears and anger whipped to a fever pitch by ignorant right wing radio talk show hosts, who have never been in a fight themselves but are willing to hold the coats of those who have.

This is a deadly combination that threatens to throw the United States into the same fascist nightmare that consumed Germany and Italy leading into World War II.

History doesn’t often repeat itself, but it frequently rhymes.


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