An Opportunity for Anarchy

Obama Told Us To Speak Out, But Is He Listening?

“Something fundamental has been altered in American politics. Encouraged by Obama’s message of hope, agitated by darkening economic prospects, many people have thrown off sullen passivity and are trying to reclaim their role as citizens.” William Greider

As faith in the “traditional” government-military-industrial complex wanes in the face of the inevitable collapse of capitalism, citizens are growing restless with continued corruption, bribery, malfeasance and greed. The lapdogs of power attempt to defuse this populist movement, licking the boots of their corporate and government masters, attempting to shore up their crumbling sea walls of advertising.

Populist politics is fraught with opportunity and danger. Awakening the sleeping lion demands the ability to accommodate its teeth and claws. One must be careful to follow through on promises made in the heat of the campaign. Once awakened from a long nap, the lion is hungry.

The people of the United States have seen a vision and they are hungry for its actuality. We’ve always known that unbridled greed (capitalism) is inherently wrong, that we cannot continue to rape the earth without consequences, that economic growth is ultimately unsustainable. This is common sense that we all learned as children.

And now we have a young, dynamic leader and his beautiful young family reminding us that everything we thought we knew was really true, that we do not have to settle for base corruption in government, for a world dominated by greed. We don’t have to give up the natural world of trees, meadows, wild animals and unspoilt nature in order to live a full and meaningful life. Those stupid advertisements everyone loves to hate on TeeVee really are stupid and we really do hate them, because they’re all lies.

Now that we have a president who is willing to speak the truth to the people of the country he proposes to lead, the truth that we all know deep down inside, we are stepping forward and demanding that he hold true to his promises. It is time for our leader to run to catch up, for the people are moving.

This is anarchy: self-rule, rule by the people, democracy taken serious.

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