The light at the end of the tunnel …

Coming down to the last days of eight years of nightmare.

We see our new President, taking a train to the inauguration, eschewing the trappings of the elite, with his wife and children, and his Vice President, waving to the people along the tracks, just as Abraham Lincoln did 148 years ago.

What a relief.

Whatever Barack Obama is able to accomplish as President of the United States, at least we can say he started out well. This is the best a President can do: provide a role model for human behavior, an example to the 300 million people of this country, someone for everyone to look up to and feel hope.

The Dark Ages are over.

There is much to be undone, much to be accounted for, much to be made right, and new challenges to be met. Humility, honesty, and hope are the ways to begin.

We don’t need a god to bless America. We need an American public to embrace this new President and keep him ever mindful of his responsibility to the American people, to all the people of the world and to all life on Earth. Barack Obama can’t do it alone. We must work together.

Yes we can.


2 thoughts on “The light at the end of the tunnel …

  1. One of my most favorite things in life is when old cynical Earth First!ers take a loving tone of optimism and appreciation!It’s such a huge, almost super human ability considering how much destruction and heartlessness the typical Earth First!er has been an eyewitness too!Especially Michael Lewis, who’s seen so much terror and suffering, especially when it comes to protesting Harp seal slaughters!Most all my Earth First! friends act as though their heart’s have turned to stone… and when they use such kind and thoughtful words as below… I’m really, really excited about working harder to do my best to make a real and genuine difference in this world… Long live the trees, Deane


  2. I haven’t done a direct harp seal protest, though I may have written about in my old (pre-Internet) “Wally Word” newlestter, or in the Earth First! Journal.I have never given up hope, nor my basic faith in human beings, all evidence to the contrary. Allowed to operate in their own best interest, humans generally take care of themselves, their families and their immediate neighbors.It’s the mixture of capitalism, greed and centralized government that has brought misery to billions through the ages.Anarchy is the only sustainable form of human social organization.


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