Be Bold, Mr. President-elect!

Your Weekly Address from the President-elect

President-elect Obama gave his first “radio” address, via You Tube and the internet, (can you hear the radio address on the radio anywhere?) this morning, breaking new ground in communications, embracing the darling medium of youth. Unfortunately his message was old hat.

Yes, of course, the leader of the Free World must exude confidence, point the way to the future, calm our fears, especially one who still aspires to that leadership position. We hope today’s address is merely a hint of more substantive policy-making yet to come.

It’s time to stop talking about a growing economy. Growth is dead. A growing economy is impossible in a finite world containing 6 billion human beings busily procreating and despoiling the planet on which all life depends. The old economic model is laid bare in its false promise of unending consumerism, constantly increasing standard of living, room for all on this tiny planet, including, of course, those who consume most of it.

This is a lie. Please, Senator Obama, don’t lie to us. Tell us the truth so we can start right now, together, to work toward real solutions

Secretery of State Al Gore!

Start With Al Gore –

Put this man to work in a job where he can make a real difference. We’ve all seen “An Inconvenient Truth.” Now let’s make this vision the centerpiece of our foreign policy.

We’ve had too much international bullying and too little (any at all?) international statesmanship based on the realities of climate change and Peak Oil.

Al Gore has already set the record straight on the environment. We need his vision and focus in the Obama cabinet.

Al Gore – Environmental Visionary

“Here’s what we can do – now: we can make an immediate and large strategic investment to put people to work replacing 19th-century energy technologies that depend on dangerous and expensive carbon-based fuels with 21st-century technologies that use fuel that is free forever: the sun, the wind and the natural heat of the earth.”

Now is the time for creative thinking, and critical listening. Al Gore has long illuminated the pathway to a rational energy future, not the imaginary patriotic future of “make America energy independent,” but a very real and practical future that combines meaningful conservation with a steady state economy based on renewable energy.

Van Jones has written extensively about the green economy, proposing what amounts to a public works program to employ Americans in green jobs to revive the economy while building a green energy future.

President-elect Obama, recruit Al Gore and Van Jones for your cabinet and put their ideas, and Americans to work!

It’s not the stupid economy!

Economies come and go. Socialist, capitalist, subsistence, free-market, you name it, they’ve come and gone, waxing and waning as human circumstance changes over time. Economics is a human invention, a social institution (hardly a science) subject to the whims of human folly.

There is, however, and will ever be, only one finite Earth, only one home for life as we know it. At the hands of the present human economy, the Earth is changing into something different than that which sustained the evolution of all plants and animals now living on this planet.

Each day, while the new President of the united States huddles with economic advisers, while political and economic pundits wax eloquent about pending economic decisions, human beings drive millions of miles in automobiles spewing vaporous carbon compounds, human industry pours tons of carbon into the atmosphere from smokestacks throughout the world, human agriculture washes topsoil and fertilizer downstream into spreading dead zones in the world’s ocean. The new President promises economic growth ahead, more jobs, more production, more consumption, more waste, more destruction.

Meanwhile, there is still only one finite Earth.

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” Aldo Leopold

Our response to the challenges of the present “global” economy ultimately lie in the care of the Earth as life’s only home. When we approach the Earth as a critical member of life’s community, our economic decisions will lead to a human economy in harmony with all life and the Earth that sustains us all.

We don’t have much time to find our way. Carbon continues to accumulate in the atmosphere we all breathe. Climate continues to change even as the economists ponder their fate. Mother Nature bats last and ultimately.

Now the work begins

It’s a new world this morning, or at least the dawning of a new world. Soon, we’ll have an intelligent, articulate, effective, and best of all, progressive President of the united States of America.

The President brings with him ideals and a crew of helpers to take on massive destruction of this country and its environments after eight years of ignorant abuse. What’s most important now is the staff and cabinet President Obama selects and his choices for other offices. It’s our job to make sure he chooses wisely.

Then we must lead the President in our own local communities by building a fire for democracy wherever we live. President Obama can provide inspiration, lead the call for progressive legislation, but we must do the work here on the ground. We must turn the huge Obama volunteer network into a huge Democracy network and bring government of our daily lives back home where we can keep an eye on it.

President Obama is young, idealistic and inexperienced. He needs all the help we can give. We can teach him about conservation, wise energy use, accommodation to the new developing climate regime, localism, self-sufficiency and mutual aid. We can help him support our troops by bringing them home and putting them to work in green jobs.

Democracy starts between the ears. Let’s get busy!