Now no one can deny the police state

It’s all over the web: In Minneapolis/St. Paul today police broke into four homes and stopped motorists across the cities, claiming groups such as “Food Not Bombs” and “RNC Welcoming Committee” were “conspiring to incite riot.”

I’m amazed they’ve gone so far, as this is sure to stir up opposition and open revolt against the glitzy set now converging on the land of ten thousand Johnsons. Ya, you betcha!

This hypermilitarization of the local constabulary has crept upon us bit by bit since Seattle. We even see it here in Santa Cruz, CA, the type city for “Chill out, Dude,” where laid back was defined. Black-clad and bumpered police appear at the slightest provocation, resplendant with zip-tie handcuffs, pepper spray applicators, stun guns and secret orders from on high … high finance, that is.

In a world dominated by imagery at the expense of reality, the jack-booted thugs are designed purposefully to strike fear in the hearts and minds of a 9/11-stupored citizenry, just as they were in Nazi Germany shocked by Krystallnacht and the Reichstag fire. No coincidence there; the Current Occupant and the Shadow Government have read their history well.

When do we call a halt to this growing repression? How do we call a halt? How do we return our government to the will of the people when our government is dominated by corporate interests and willing to use force against its citizens to maintain control?

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