Exploding the Nuclear Myth

Phasing Out the Phase-Out: The Inexorable Comeback of Nuclear Energy – International – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News

Inexorable? Only if we continue to ignore reality and listen to voice of the growth maniacs.

The revival of interest in nuclear energy is cloaked in concerns about global warming. Nukes are touted as the energy source with the smallest carbon footprint, ignoring, of course, centuries of storage and intense management required to deal with toxic nuclear wastes far into the future. Our answer, as always, is to toss the problem to our children and grandchildren as we bask in the benefits (to the rich elite) of our profligate ways.

Conservation is ignored, of course, the only energy source that can provide absolutely clean energy at the flip of a switch. Just unplugging all the TeeVees in the US when not in use would save 10 billion kilowatts per year, twice the amount produced by Hoover Reservoir.

Our capitalist economic system is driving civilization over the energy abyss. Not a bad idea that, but it’s not the only alternative. We could, if we were smart, get out of the car and leisurely enjoy the vast panoramic vista as we walk and bicycle along the edge.


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