Federalizing local vandalism

Now we learn: No suspects in animal rights attack, FBI brought into investigation

This seems contradictory. The local constabulary has named no suspects in the door banging, occupant abuse at the home of a university cancer researcher who kills rats for a living. Yet, the the FBI has stepped in to see if the incident is connected to a federal court order from LA barring particular animal rights groups from confronting University of California researchers.

Isn’t LA in the state of California? How does this become a federal concern? Has Homeland Security raised its ugly head in California? Perhaps writing in chalk on the sidewalk and pounding on doors is the Homeland equivalent of blowing up office towers and warships?

The phrase “grasping at straws” comes immediately to mind, especially as regards budget justification for bloated government agencies.

“There must be an enemy around here somewhere…”

Police State, or Law and Order?

Animal rights activists and individual rights proponents are in a high fever over events unfolding in Santa Cruz, detailed in this article: UCSC researcher targeted in attack

It’s hard to tell what really transpired at both locations. It appears that mayhem was threatened, if not carried out, at the home of the “cancer researcher,” who may or may not have been hit by a “black object.”

Regardless of the facts of the case, the militarized constabulary flexed their considerable black-clad muscles, (pictures at http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2008/02/25/18481511.php) this being a chance to put their Homeland Security training to practice and use some of the Homeland Security black-booted thug equipment lying about the place.

Were they justified in serving a warrant on the occupants of the house? Probably. Did they overreact when they broke down the door instead of using the key conveniently supplied by the landlord? Most assuredly. Were the assembled multitude out of line in confronting the police? It sure didn’t help, especially since they had no stake in the outcome, and were merely participants in the police show of power. In fact, their presence undoubtedly escalated the response by the constabulary.

As we’ve seen so many times before, direct confrontation of the apparatus of the state gives them an excuse for increased oppression of the people.

Crime control has entered the realm of theater, serving as a demonstration of the awesome power of the state over the lives and bodies of its citizens.

Shock and Awe in the Homeland.

Capitalists Question Markets!

In a startlingly candid article, Capitalism in an Apocalyptic Mood global capitalists express concerns about the limitations of the market to provide economic solutions.

It seems the subprime lending fad has gone global, wreaking economic havoc throughout “the” economy.

NEWS FLASH: Karl Marx just turned over in his grave.

Film at 11…


“…therefore, let us close our national borders to any further mass immigration, legal or illegal, from any source, as does every other nation on earth. The means are available, it’s a simple technical-military problem. Even our Pentagon should be able to handle it. We’ve got an army somewhere on this planet, let’s bring our soldiers home and station them where they can be of some actual and immediate benefit to the taxpayers who support them. That done, we can begin to concentrate attention on badly neglected internal affairs.” Ed Abbey, “One Life at a Time, Please,” 1978

We hear much talk these days from the conspiracy set about ENDGAME, the supposed plan by Homeland Security to build concentration camps to lock up all of us ne’er-do-wells: curmudgeons, dissenters, Socialists, anarchists, anti-war and anti-government protesters, and, oh yeah, a few “undocumented workers.”

Google for “ENDGAME” and see what you get: a series of recursive web pages pointing back to a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle that mentions ENDGAME.

Rather than walk those mirrored hallways, I found the original ENDGAME document: “ENDGAME, Office of Detention and Removal Strategic Plan, 2003 – 2012, Detention and Removal Strategy for a Secure Homeland.”

Yes, the DRO is the office of Homeland Security responsible for the detention and removal of illegal aliens, that is, those people born in other countries who are in the United States illegally. No mention of revolutionist wannabes. Dang, left out again. The document is a typical bureaucratic hand-wringing about lack of resources to carry out their unfunded Federal mandate to do something about illegal aliens (aka Mexicans) pouring over the border and creating cultural mayhem within our cities and states. It amounts to a ten year plan to boot them all out by 2012.

It appears that the government took seriously Ed’s words of thirty years ago and is trying to stem the flow. They haven’t brought the troops back yet, but there’s still time for that when things start getting serious. Since the late 70s, a good portion of the United States has become an unwilling colony of our neighbors to the south, as evidenced by recurrent Mexican surnames in our crime reports, gang graffiti everywhere, low slung, boom-box cars polluting our earsheds, and an abrupt uptick in activity in maternity wards in communities with a high percentage of mothers of Mexican origin.

From the sun belt to the rust belt, Spanish is rapidly becoming the dominant language in the southern and western US. It’s difficult to answer the phones with any regularity without encountering someone up the line who doesn’t speak English. Most low-wage earners speak little or no English, making understanding difficult in jobs in which safety depends on effective communications.

Ed warned us and we paid no heed. Our national sovereignty, if such a concept is important to anyone these days, is threatened more by loss of our culture than by government conspiracy. A nation is defined by its values, and the values that many in the United States hold dear are being rapidly eroded by an uncontrolled wave of poor, ignorant citizens of another country who do not share our ideals, political persuasion or concepts of right and wrong. They are alien to our culture and have rapidly changed the culture of their new homes.

The purpose of government is to do for its citizens what they cannot do for themselves. Barring an armed vigilante citizenry massing at our southern border, we can do little to safeguard our cultural norms. We look to government to defend us from external threats. We’ll take care of the local stuff, thank you very much, you use your guns and tanks to keep the neighbors at bay. That’s what you’re good at!

If we anarchists and cultural misfits are concerned about the welfare of our southern neighbors and care to do something about it, let’s go down to Mexico and teach them about revolution, Democracy and freedom. They have the revolutionary tradition to fall back on, all they need is the ideological underpinning and a few tools. Let’s help them be the change they wish to see in their own world, by staying home and working for democracy in their own culture.

Then we can come home and work on our own internal affairs. As Ed told us, “Everyone would benefit, including the neighbors. Especially the neighbors.”

Homeland Security rides the rails

Amtrak to unveil new screening measures – Salt Lake Tribune

AMTRAK has finally been reminded they must join the new Police State.

I’ve been surprised they’ve laid low so long, what with terrorism pegged to trains in Europe so thoroughly. Until recently, we’ve been able to board almost all trains without harassment from the constabulary. Now we’ll be subject to “random” (read: profiled) testing for explosives residues on our carry-on luggage.

This, of course, is only the most recent, most visible result of the War on Terrorism on the Rails. Travelers have long had to show official papers when picking up tickets at the station counters. Not from the automated ticket machines, of course, since we’ve already entered our most important financial documents (aka, credit card numbers) into the system to use them.

Soon, I’m sure, train travel will also require an official, Homeland Security-blessed ID card, just as commercial airlines demand now. Nostalgic images of crossing the border on the Orient Express will take on a new poignancy.

Papers, pliss?

Lies, Damned Lies and…more Lies!

It’s 1984 all over again. The lies continue, promulgating more lies, until we don’t know what is truth and what is “reality,” at least as it applies to the central government.

Numerous articles, such as this one, reveal the depths of information control that Washington insiders consider a normal way of doing the people’s business. Newspeak is the norm. War is Peace, security is terrorism and images of Our Great National Enemies fuel our daily Two-Minute Hate.

Who is fooled by the claim that the dead spy satellite must be “shot down?” As if one could shoot down a satellite like a civilian airliner in the Gulf of Oman. The satellite is coming out of orbit, whether in one piece or many. Blowing it up in a highly visible demonstration of space warfare will only scatter the pieces before they burn up in the atmosphere.

This is the problem with lying: once you get into the habit, it’s impossible to stop.

Remember that the book, 1984, is not about “Big Brother is Watching You.” It’s about control of information.

“He who controls the past, controls the future; and he who controls the present, controls the past.”

Hence the “disappeared” emails, the non-denial denials, the infiltration of media by the CIA and less visible security industry. Reality cannot be left to the unwashed rabble. It must be controlled, packaged and manipulated, such that “reality” conforms to the changing needs of the present reality controllers.

We witness a constantly changing landscape of lies to prop up government policy. We invaded Iraq to stop weapons of mass destruction, then for regime change, then to overthrow Saddam Hussein, then to free the Iraqi people, then to establish democracy. Never, of course, to secure oil reserves and control Middle Eastern energy markets. That would be too close to the truth that must be defended from the people at all costs.

Now we see the same pattern regarding this “shoot down” of a defunct satellite. The salvo of lies sprayed out to justify a missile launch from a warship in mid-ocean is enough to bring down the satellite through sheer weight of falsehood. The Pentagon and their government lackies are unable to speak the truth, to tell the world we want to blow up this satellite in space to demonstrate our ability to blow up satellites in space, as a warning to any upstart nation cheeky enough to follow our lead in militarizing the celestial commons.

IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH, meaning of course, the ignorance of the people of the united States of the duplicity of our so-called government representatives, up to and especially including the First Lacky, the President of the United States.


The FBI Deputizes Business
Now we have the full flowering of fascism in the United States, an overt coalition between big business and the government security establishment, the Federal Bureau of Intimidation.

Not that this is a new thing: Infraguard was established long before 9/11. It’s only recently that it has been revealed, thanks to Democracy Now! and other alternative media.

Big Busyness CEOs and corporate busybodies can now take advantage of timely alerts of possible terrorist activities that might affect their bottom line. That is to say, they can invest in picking up the pieces after terrorist attacks, sell stocks that will be affected (such as, say, airline stocks, property investments, private security and fire response firms). They can cash in on the War on Terror in advance!

In return, all they have to do is report any “deviant” behavior they observe, or claim they observe, such as rival corporate employees, bothersome entrepreneurs, uncooperative consumers, or cheeky competitors for corporate dollars. What better way to get a rival out of the way than report them to Homeland Security?

What, you haven’t bought your share of useless stuff made in China? Off to the gulags!

This, of course, is not restricted to Homeland securities, as corporations across the country vie for lucrative government contracts in the mercenary, arms supplies (that’s guns and ammunition), vehicles and other forms of war support. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and this here badge gives them first dibs over everyone else.

Take a close look at the security cameras the next time you visit WallMart, Costco, United Airlines and General Motors. Big Business is watching YOU!