US doomed …

… if creationist president elected: scientists

This is true, of course, even if Huckabee is not elected. The united States ceased to exist with the signing of the Constitution, becoming instead a country with a centralized government. Historical nick-picking, yes.

It wouldn’t make much difference anyway, since we already have an Oval One who has no understanding of science, who professes fundamentalist religious beliefs and who works daily to bring the Corporate Oligarchy into global power at the cost of liberty, freedom and democracy in these united States.

The position of President of the United States has been made largely irrelevant, as the bounds among the checks and balances among our government divisions have been weakened or eliminated. The interplay between the judicial, legislative and executive branches has been subsumed under the Shadow Government, the corporate oligarchy, with its manipulating tentacles in all branches, its control of popular media, access to information…and thought.

Doomed indeed. Perhaps a good thing?


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