Are they finally starting to get it?

The growth of local power is a bright spot in seven bleak years of Bush | Guardian Unlimited

“‘The centre cannot hold,’ Yeats wrote; his next line is ‘Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.’ Anarchism in the contemporary sense of decentralised direct democracy is on the loose, and that’s the rest of the good news.”

It’s great to see anarchism correctly identified in print as decentralized direct democracy.

It’s misleading to say that there has been a growth in local power. Local power has always existed, exercised in our homes and neighborhoods, neighborhood associations and local governments. What has happened recently is that we have increasingly rejected centralized state power as illegitimate.

It may turn out that the Bush administration has been a powerful force in demonstrating that ineffectiveness of centralized state government, especially in such a geographically large and diverse country as the united States. California and Vermont are taking strong measures to establish local control over air and water quality, among other issues important to local residents.

The revolution is progressing, in its own way, at its own time. As the grass growing through the macadam, those forces that arise of themselves are always the most powerful.

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