US government opposes democracy

James Petras: CIA Destabilization Memo Surfaces on Venezuela

This article reveals the continuing saga of United States government opposition to democratic governments in countries that contain natural resource desired by US corporations. From the earliest banana republics, the United States government has interfered in the internal affairs of sovereign nations, using the CIA to “destabilize” and boldly overthrow legitimate democratic governments and replace them with less democratic, even dictatorial governments that were more easily influenced to support US business.

As always, it is the people who suffer, the very people that US pretends to uphold, the very self-determination that is inscribed as a basic tenet of this country.

The lies and hypocrisy continue, to be replaced by escalating levels of violence until overt invasion is the only option left. Look for increasingly desperate attempts to “destabilize” the Chavez and Morales governments for daring to defy the posturing bully to the north. Some excuse will be found to send American troops to South America, undoubtedly under the umbrella of “terrorism.”

How can I sit here, knowing this is going on every day, in the country that I call home? How long before I say “STOP!” And how do I stop it?

2 thoughts on “US government opposes democracy

  1. Frustrating, ain’t it? I just hope the machine runs out of gas before I die so I can see it. Interesting that a Republican candidate, Ron Paul, is making me think there may be some chance of mass mobilization against the government. He’s raised a lot of money in short order by people getting cozy with the thought of “major change.” He talks about giving the Iraqis their country back. Getting rid of the IRS. It makes me think that if a charismatic person with the right ideas could ever get in there maybe there’d be a chance. Hell, at least some improvement. Curb the imperialism. Consider a different economic model. Well, maybe not. They’d be assassinated if they started making too much sense, and we’d be right back where we started. I guess oil is going to have to rival the price of gold first. I do have another idea, though….


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