Constitutional fascism

The excesses of the Bush administration over the past seven years have caused many to decry seeming moves toward a fascist government, even a de facto dictatorship. Many of us will be surprised if the United States makes it through the next election cycle without a major “terrorist” incident and subsequent declaration of martial law, making de facto dictatorship de jure.

In fact, US fascism had its genesis long before World War II, when Italian, German and Spanish fascism caught the world’s attention. US fascism was born in 1787, with the coup d’etat that overthrew the Confederation of American States and replaced it with the united States of America.

The Constitution of the united States of America was a document created by elite, wealthy property owners in an attempt of keep the government of the united States out of the hands of the filthy rabble of the common people. They feared popular rule and guarded against democracy at every turn. The “checks and balances” of the constitution were designed to check popular rule and to keep the government from being taken over by populists and used as a tool against elite privilege and control.

The imperialist United States government we witness now, our militarized society, our covert and overt police state, all were conceived in the Constitution, gestated in propaganda-fed jingoism in our growing nation and birthed in the cries of oppressed people around the globe as well as at home. The United States is the last standing empire and moves ever closer to a “self-proclaimed” dictatorship that rules the world in an un-Pax Americana.

The United States government cannot be reformed because its founding document and guiding ideology has come to full fruition in our current imperialist fascists state. We have arrived where we were aimed and we can no more turn back on our assign path than we can turn back the clock and erase the Constitution.

Our best hope is to turn our back on the present government and quietly build a new social organization, a society based on bioregional organization, anarchism and a steady state economy. Progress consists of turning around and taking the first step forward.


2 thoughts on “Constitutional fascism

  1. Nice piece there, Michael. It would be nice if high schools taught real civics classes instead of the whitewashed version of government kids usually get. It’s all part of that bullshit story that begins with Columbus and continues through Reagan. Few hear the real story and a lot of people get down right angry if you even suggest that the United States is not what they were taught. After all, we saved France and stopped the Nazi’s, right? At the end of the day, it’s all about money and it’s always been about money. Control of wealth and building wealth through control and expansion of markets. But people don’t really want the truth. It’s too much to digest. Makes things too messy. People love comfortable delusions like religion.


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