A movement with no name

Pay very close attention to this article in Orion Magazine. This is the future. This is anarchism.

We’ve been looking for many years for The Revolution (TM), that will throw off the yoke of Capitalism, overthrow The State, end the oppression of The People and stop the Heartbreak of Psoriasis.

Meanwhile as we theorize, argue amongst ourselves, demonstrate in clever parades, write epic, thoughtful tomes, the revolution has been quietly assembling itself outside the glare of public notice.

That’s the way anarchy works.

I’ve set up a Blog network, a Blogwork, that will follow various aspects of the revolution now occurring. It will bring together threads of the revolution and attempt to weave them into a broader overview. It will be incomplete, out of date, a poor shadow of what’s really happening. It will be a start.

Hayduke Blogs will be the Dispatch Center, where it comes together. I will link here to other sites and other stories.

Hayduke Ponders will deal with the philosophical and “spiritual” aspects of the revolution, those innermost thoughts that we use to attempt to give meaning to the world around us.

Weeks’ Antiques is about taking action to facilitate the change and spread the word. (A special prize for the first person to discover the literary reference of this blog’s title)

Hayduke Bikes is about my personal anarchic solution to the transportation challenge.

As a starter, here’s the first installment of Hayduke Ponders, the philosophy of Taoism that seems most relevant.

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