The Book Burning Begins

The Bush Administration attacks on the Environmental Protection Agency are accelerating in these last months of the dying Empire. They are literally throwing away documents, albeit in an “environmentally sensitive” manner, no doubt, and selling off the furniture for next to nothing.

No surprise that the first documents to disappear from the shelves and web sites are those dealing with the toxic products of major corporate industrial production, those toxics that have created a plague in human societies, have decimated wildlife and created cesspool of critical natural habitat.

Remember the rumors and propaganda the Bush admininstration spread about the Democrats trashing the White House as they left in 2000? Turned out not to be the case. Now, the lame duck Bush administration is trashing the government while they’re still in office! They know they have only weeks left before being unceremniously jerked (pun intended) from the reins of power.

This reidculous political see-saw in the United States does far more harm than any good it could possible aspire toward. Notice how grid-locked Congress (the opposite of Progress) is over global climate change and peak oil, totally given over to energy interests, unable to even get out of their own way when they clearly see the coming climate catastrophe.

And since the political process is safe in teh hands of the corporate elite, there’s no relief in sight and no avenue for the poeple to create political change, even if they were aware of the problem, which, in the vast majority, they are not.

Revolution is coming, and it most likely will not be on the barricades in Wall Street, but on the rising tide of climate change and the diminishing returns of the defunct oil economy.