It’s time for a change…

I’ve not posted much to this blog of late, mainly due to sloth, indolence and general loose morals. Not that I haven’t been thinking, or reading, or agonizing over the latest newsertainment.

Far from it.

It’s more been a case of “What’s the use?” Who reads this shit, anyway? A couple of friends, a bored geek or two, an occassional lost traveler on the information superhighway. In the end, what difference does it make?

But then I said to myself, “Self, you have to put down in words here what no one else is saying.” The sycophants, the toadies, the Yes Men and Yes Women have taken over the world, have simmered the intellectual stew down to a thin, black crust on the bottom of the pan, there to lie in obscure, crepuscular execresence.


Not to be tolerated.


The end.

So herein I begin anew, with a spiffy Nature-like countenance, to relay my observations on the End of Western Civilization, if that’s what it is, which I doubt.

As we have known it…



One thought on “It’s time for a change…

  1. I go through these period about once every sixty days or so. Then, something eats away at my spirit, and I’m forced to start typing again. It’s as much for your own mental well being as anything. You might be surprised who reads this stuff. Get Cluster Maps…it’s pretty revealing and fun.


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