Department of Defense Funds $450K Blog Research Project

As I’ve noted many times before, centralized, authoritarian bureaucracy cannot deal effectively with decentralized opposition.Let’s face it, blogs are not a threat to the United States government, nor do they contain masses of information used by so-called terrorists to overthrow the United States government. The whole terrorist scare campaign is a replacement for godless communism, which was a replacement for upstart, freedom seeking colonial subjects, which were replacements for uncivilized savages, which were a replacement for pretty much anyone who was there first.The central organizing principle of any government is war, by which government justifies its monopoly on force and power. Without enemies, the justification falls flat, soi in the absence of real enemies, enemies must be found, created or made up. Read “1984.” The most effective opposition ot centralized government on the rampage is decentralized organization and action. At the moment, electronic communications are the most effective means of organizing decentalized actions that we have.Let’s use it to best effect while we still have it.

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