Is there anybody out there?

The problem now is twofold: not enough is being written and not enough is being read.

There’s a lot of writing published in various forms, it is true; lots of molly-coddling tripe passing for journalism; lots of popular fiction serving as pabulum for infantile minds; lots of web logs, web pages, emails (mostly spam), discussion lists, bulletin boards. All of it, well, most all of it, is nothing more than cryptic notes passed among desks in elementary school classrooms. Worse yet, email discussion lists are filled with mindless chatter, lacking even simple punctuation, spelling or, saints preserve us, grammar. The promise of a democratic, anarchic communications medium has been buried under the excrement of popular culture. The English language has descended into a sewage lagoon, there to fester and coagulate into a bloated, putrescent simulacrum of a living language.

Perhaps that’s part of the reason I haven’t written much of late. I’m overwhelmed with the sheer stupidity of the human species, the overweening presence of thick-necked bullies, foul-mouthed young women, apathetic juveniles, and the children now being raised by young people without two brain cells to rub together on a good night.

The demeanor of youth unto age thirty is that of stultified, pampered and spoiled brats, filled to the Plimsol line with themselves, unaware and uncaring of the social conventions of community, mutual aid, public responsibility. Their focus centers around their cell phones, talking incessantly with unseen “friends,” filling their heads with endless trivial chatter, holding their cells phone permanently in front them, anxiously awaiting the next communications opportunity.

When not engaged in personal communications devices, they saturate their brain cells with thumping base “music” (noise), such that they can never have an original thought in their head, never have an internal dialog, never discover what they may or may not think from one moment to the next.

The are the future leaders of our country.

I think not. Some one else has another idea.

The future leaders of the United States are hand-picked, long groomed, prepared by the elite nannies, teachers, tutors and professors at prestigious private institutions of higher, and more rarified, education. Held aloft from the social conditioning of mandatory public schooling, kept separate from the teeming masses with cell phone and boom box in hand, the future leaders receive instruction at odds with the irrelevant masses kept in puerile servitude with a combination of manufactured fear, vapid amusement and pecuniary reward. The new leaders are taught contempt with their current events, elitism with their elocution, neo-conservatism with their nouns and verbs.

Meanwhile the mass of humanity is allowed to go about their petty business with the illusion of freedom, fettered by their jobs, chained to their consumption, mollified by TeeVee, kept passive and apathetic by propaganda, disinformation and mindless entertainment.

So who is to write, what is to be written, who is to read it, and, more importantly, who is to act?

Thump, thump… Is this thing on?.
Is anyone out there?

Leona Gulch
Pacific Plate